Völuspá part III: Fall of the Ages

Image of Völuspá part III: Fall of the Ages


1. Ancient Halls
2. Ragnarök Army from the East
3. Fall of the Ages
4. Equilibrium Reclaimed
5. New Dawn
6. Heltekinn
7. The Future

"One gets the need to listen to this album more and more, and you will hear it grow each time. This is an amazing album that gives Fortid the status they deserve. "
- Scream Magazine

"The production is good, the songs are performed at a high level and the band has without doubt made a considerable step forward. Furthermore Fortid now has a line-up which can deliver the goods live on stage, so I hope that bookers are reading this review. "
- Lords of Metal

"Völuspá Part III Fall of the Ages" is played in such complex ways that one can hardly say which division they now operate properly. Whether we call it Pagan or Ambient Black Metal, the fact is that this album is very successful.
- Metal Earth

"No doubt at the blacker end of the Viking metal scale, Fortid‘s third album is as powerful as the cover that adorns it and definitely comes with my recommendation to all fans of the original feelings at the heart of epically-inclined extreme metal. "
- Rockfreaks.net

"Simple, but interesting. Epic, but apocalyptic. Beautiful, but just as ugly. Great performance! "
- Mega-Metal.de